About Us

Nature’s Beautiful Creations is owned by Ethan and Emily Malavolti. The goal is to provide customers with healthy, safe and natural alternatives. They currently offer homemade soaps, lip balms, doTERRA essential oils, essential oil products and tools, beeswax and more.

In high school Emily worked on a beef and dairy farm in Kentucky. During the slower winter months they would make old fashioned lye soap to sell at the farmers markets and local stores. It is there where Emily’s interest in soapmaking started. After endless hours of additional research, formulating recipes and making test batches, she now has her own soap line. She loves being able to make a product that is healthy, safe, and natural.

Ethan grew up in a family of chiropractors and has always been exposed to healthy and natural alternatives. Through this exposure Ethan and Emily became very interested in essential oils when they first heard about them. After much research they decided on doTERRA essential oils as the best choice for essential oils due to their purity and quality. They love using them and sharing them with others.